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This research initiative involved 14 community-based and Indigenous research partners

Research Themes

The information shared on this website provides insights into the community social services sector in BC.  Evidence and knowledge have been derived from eight community-based research projects, three Indigenous-led research projects, and ten research and knowledge translation projects carried out by SPARC BC. 

These projects inform our understanding of four key thematic areas of community social service in BC:


Post-Secondary Linkage

Lived/Living Experience

System Perspectives

Community Social Services Map

SPARC BC’s interactive map of the community social services sector is a powerful tool for visualizing service distribution, key demographics, and other indicators

Research Articles

Advancing Community Engagement in Healthcare in Rural BC

In 2020, the Centre for Rural Health Research (CRHR) undertook a provincial survey to understand and document the healthcare priorities of rural communities across BC….

BCSTH Bursary Fund Program Evaluation Report

Flexible financial assistance is a powerful tool for economic empowerment among gender-based violence (GBV) survivors and is becoming an increasingly common strategy to enhance safety and economic and housing stability…

Chilliwack Channeling Youth Voices Video

CYV used youth participatory action research methods to develop a youth-defined framework of acceptable and effective care by gathering and analyzing the reflections of over 70 Chilliwack youth….

Competency Framework for the BC Community Social Services Sector

This project builds on the findings and recommendations from a research project called “Sustainability of the Community Social Services Sector Through Institutional Work-Integrated Learning Partnerships: A response to growing diversity and complexity of needs”….

Dimensions of Community Social Service in BC

The community social services sector provides an array of services and supports to people across British Columbia (BC)….

Improved Support for Rural Perinatal Mental Health

Our methods for attaining information, creating program content and implementation was highly focused on a multi lens and community inclusion approach….

Kitselas Five Tier Community-Built Job and Skills Training System

Kitselas Five Tier System LP (K5T) began a research project to better understand the experiences that Kitselas First Nation (KFN) Members have with higher education and the community social services sector….

Meaningful Youth Volunteerism in Surrey Food Systems

The Public Health Association of BC (PHABC) has been investigating evidence from around the globe, contributing to the mental wellbeing of children and youth….

Nature of Care Exercise

Pick a quote card and work as a team using the your Nature of Care Toolkit to determine which qualities best align with the quote….

Nature of Care Toolkit

Community conversations were summarized thematically and assembled with related quotes from youth into a folder which continues to serve as a community dialogue tool….