Competency Framework for the BC Community Social Services Sector

ABLE Research Consultants

ABLE Research Consultants is a BC-based firm with 40 years of collective experience and knowledge in the field of work-integrated learning (WIL).

This project builds on the findings and recommendations from a research project called “Sustainability of the Community Social Services Sector Through Institutional Work-Integrated Learning Partnerships: A response to growing diversity and complexity of needs,” which was completed in January 2024. Knowledge learned from key partners in the project served to deepen British Columbia’s (BC) understandings about competencies and skills required for post-secondary work-integrated learning (WIL) students as they enter the community social services (CSS) sector.

The Community Social Services Competency Framework presented here collates the wealth of information gathered in the project through guidance from an advisory committee of dedicated PSI and CSS key informants. The goals of the framework are to support the WIL ecosystem in the work they are doing with WIL students in the CSS sector in terms of advocacy, inclusive curriculum design, and during student preparation and entry into the community social services sector to support labour market productivity.

To learn more about this research project and its findings, view the entire body of work here:

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