Dimensions of Community Social Service in BC


At SPARC BC, we’re committed to building a just and healthy society for all. For over 50 years, we have worked in partnership with individuals, organizations and all levels of government to meet the social development needs of people and communities.

The community social services sector provides an array of services and supports to people across British Columbia (BC). There are thousands of service providers across the provincei that help address, in part, the social development needs of BC residents, on a daily basis. These services may range from early years and family programming to help with dignified access to healthy food as well as housing security.

This study has sought to address key gaps in knowledge pertaining to the social development needs of British Columbians. This includes the need for services and supports through the community social services sector as well as opportunities for volunteering and engagement. This report begins by highlighting how key demographics and health-related social needs relate to these forms of engagement. Information was gathered through an online survey designed by SPARC BC to provide an incremental, yet timely and detailed contribution to our understanding of these topics.

The study findings were derived from the responses of 5,009 adult (18+) British Columbians during February and March of 2023. A series of questions guided the development and analyses of this survey, which has provided incremental understanding of key gaps in knowledge, as stated above:

  1. What are the health-related social needs of BC residents?
  2. Who volunteers their time with community social service organizations?
  3. Who uses community social services in BC?

To learn more about this research project and its findings, view the entire body of work here:

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