Sustainability Toolkit for the Community Social Sector

ABLE Research Consultants

ABLE Research Consultants is a BC-based firm with 40 years of collective experience and knowledge in the field of work-integrated learning (WIL).

The Community Social Services Sustainability Toolkit synthesizes the wealth of information gathered in the project through guidance from an advisory committee of dedicated post-secondary and community social services key informants. The goal of the toolkit is to enhance sustainability within the community social services sector by providing resources to organizations and post-secondary institutions for inclusive recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of work-integrated learning students, as well as offer strategies for retention. The toolkit includes specific guidelines and strategies focused on four major areas:

  1. Inclusive recruitment of WIL students
  2. Inclusive hiring of WIL students
  3. Inclusive onboarding
  4. Retention

To learn more about this research project and its findings, view the entire body of work here:

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