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Mapping the Community Social Services Sector

SPARC BC’s community social services interactive map attempts to provide a comprehensive and representative understanding of the sector’s scale, scope and distribution. The map also integrates social, health, economic, and demographic information that adds to our understanding of social development needs in the province.

While the map is a work-in-progress, it currently reflects approximately 75% of all registered non-profits in BC (over 23,000 organizations), many of which are involved in the provision of community social services. The map also integrates original data from SPARC BC, Step Up BC (Vancouver Foundation, Realize Strategies, Volunteer BC, the Canada Revenue Agency, and more.

Interactive Map Tools

Non-profit sector profiles

This tool allows users to analyze the distribution of non-profit organizations in a geographic area across different categories of activity (e.g., social services, sports and recreation, education and research, etc.).

Organizational Information

Comprehensive information is provided on each non-profit organization in the database, including their names, business numbers, postal codes, street addresses (if available), category of activity, and more.

Socioeconomic Profiles

This tool displays relevant socioeconomic, demographic, housing, and household information down to a Census Subdivision level.  All relevant information has been retrieved from Canada’s 2021 Census.

Social Development Indicators

SPARC BC’s longitudinal survey research on British Columbians is leveraged to provide key insights into community and regional prevalence of social isolation, physical and mental health, food security, housing security, financial stress, transportation security, volunteerism, and social service utilization.

Launch Interactive Map

SPARC BC’s interactive map of the community social services sector is a powerful tool for visualizing service distribution, key demographics, and other indicators.