Research Partners | Chilliwack Channeling Youth Voices (CYV)

Chilliwack Channeling Youth Voices (CYV)

Chilliwack Channeling Youth Voices (CYV) is a local collaboration between youth and researchers that explores and communicates the views of young adults aged 19-26 in Chilliwack who have lived/living experience with a variety of interrelated challenges including homelessness, addiction, poverty, mental and/or physical health barriers, transitioning out of government care, impacts of incarceration, and the death or loss of a parental figure in their lives.

Research Articles

Chilliwack Channeling Youth Voices Video

CYV used youth participatory action research methods to develop a youth-defined framework of acceptable and effective care by gathering and analyzing the reflections of over 70 Chilliwack youth….

Nature of Care Toolkit

Community conversations were summarized thematically and assembled with related quotes from youth into a folder which continues to serve as a community dialogue tool….

Nature of Care Exercise

Pick a quote card and work as a team using the your Nature of Care Toolkit to determine which qualities best align with the quote….