Research Partners | Kitselas Five Tier System (K5T)

Kitselas Five Tier System (K5T)

Kitselas Five Tier System (K5T) and Coast Mountain College partnered to study opportunities for community members to discover and pursue career pathways through post-secondary education and how these pathways may help build capacity for a sustainable community social services sector. K5T is a community-built, community-driven social enterprise system working within the community social services space to promote employment and skills training for marginalized community members within Kitselas First Nation (KFN) and the greater Northwest BC region. Coast Mountain College (CMTN) is an accredited post-secondary institution that serves learners in the Northwest region of BC.

Research Articles

Kitselas Five Tier Community-Built Job and Skills Training System

Kitselas Five Tier System LP (K5T) began a research project to better understand the experiences that Kitselas First Nation (KFN) Members have with higher education and the community social services sector….